The time has arrived, Ladies and Gentlemen. Tuesday, November 5th is the day to exercise your right as an American and cast your vote which could potentially change the current state of the country. When it comes to people of color, women and other minorities, this elections is our chance to shift the way America has […]

This company says it can get rid of rigged elections, culture vultures and corrupt banks — they will also kill the lag on your Netflix and video game connection.

The time has officially arrived where politicians are lighting up in their campaign ads. Benjamin Thomas Wolf — who is running to represent the 5th Congressional District of Illinois — had no qualms about rolling up for a photo shoot. “As a cannabis user, I think it’s important we get out front and talk about it,” he […]

On Tuesday night, Democrat Doug Jones beat Republican Roy Moore for a seat in the U.S. Senate. The victory was monumental considering a Democrat from Alabama hasn’t won a Senate seat in 25 years. Not to mention, Moore has been accused of sexually assaulting teenagers and his absurd views include believing America was great when slavery […]

The lack of competition in the upcoming political race might be the reason behind Hillary Clinton’s latest decision to delay her presidential campaign until this summer. The former Secretary of State has chosen to play it cool and instead of announcing her formal launch in April, will wait until July. The decision comes a few weeks […]

Tuesday night saw Republicans take control of the Senate six years after losing their footing to the Democrats, but it also ushered in a new chapter in history — three African-Americans were elected to Congress in the midterm elections. They included Sen. Tim Scott in South Carolina, Will Hurd in Texas, and Mia Love of Utah — […]

Hey folks! It’s Election Day! We don’t need to tell you how important it is to vote today if you can, so we’ll spare you the lecture. Instead, go vote, come back, and check out our ongoing coverage of today’s big event. We’ll be updating election information as the day progresses, because there are some […]