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Hey folks! It’s Election Day!

We don’t need to tell you how important it is to vote today if you can, so we’ll spare you the lecture. Instead, go vote, come back, and check out our ongoing coverage of today’s big event.

We’ll be updating election information as the day progresses, because there are some important questions that need to be answered. Like, are Republicans really going to gain at least six seats and take control of the Senate? Can we trust Joe Biden’s assurance that that’s not going to happen? Will John Boehner gain another two years as top House leader? Where is voter disenfranchisement happening? And what’s going on with marijuana on the ballot?

So stay tuned, GlobalGrind’s got you covered for midterm elections. And make sure to stay updated with the ABC Livestream above between 7:00 PM EST and 2:00 AM EST as the votes come in.

Here’s Some Election News You Should Know:

The Big Prize: What’s got everyone on the edge of their seats this election? The uncertainty of who will have control of the Senate. Check out the Senate races that drew the most attention and projections for tonight’s final decision here.

Voting Disenfranchisement: Yep, that’s still a thing. In St. Louis, election officials say polling places began to run out of paper ballots early in the day. North Carolina’s new election restrictions turned many voters away. A Georgia voter was redirected to a polling center 35 miles away. And the confusion in Texas over voter ID restrictions continues. Read about those incidents in the links above and add your own experiences in the comments below.

White Voters Are Still Spending Less Time In Voting Lines: According to this revealing report in VOX. Check it out.

Diversity Is Coming To Congress: Here’s some decent news — at least five new women of color are poised to win their congressional races. That will add some much-needed gender and race diversity to a largely white, male, and middle-aged U.S. Congress. Find out who they are here and go vote for them if you haven’t already.

Marijuana Is The Word: The midterm elections aren’t just about the politicians — a bunch of states will vote to change or replace legislation regarding marijuana restrictions. Here’s a rundown of the key votes on marijuana this year, brought to you by TIME.

Everything On Prop 47 You Need To Know To Be On The Right Side Of History: The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act of 2014 is a voter initiative for the November 2014 California ballot that will change sentencing for low-level nonviolent crimes such as simple drug possession and petty theft from felonies to misdemeanors and direct financial savings to K-12 schools, mental health treatment, and victim services. This reform maintains the current law for registered sex offenders and anyone with prior convictions for rape, murder, or child molestation. The proponents of the reform proposal are retired San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne and San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón. In addition to law enforcement leaders, crime victims, teachers, rehabilitation experts, business leaders, and faith-based organizations support the reform. For more information, visit


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