It’s official! If you’re a redhead, you’ll finally have an emoji that represents you. Also, if you’re a fan of cupcakes, moon pies and hippos, there will be new emojis for that also. Emojipedia has confirmed our suspicions that a slew of new emojis will be hitting our phones this year. We’ll also be getting those […]

Twitter is using Animojis for everything but what they're intended for.

Marriott is making hotel bookings easier with the messaging app Slack and one special emoji. The hotel chain unveiled a new Slack extension that lets teams find and book hotel rooms directly in their chats. Folks would confirm their booking with a simple thumb up emoji. You’d start by providing a city and dates, and […]

The organization, which heads the emoji releases, announced the new characters are set to roll out on June 21st.

Yes, North West (and her major side-eye expression) will be getting her very own Kimoji.

Blac Chyna appears to be following in the footsteps of Kim Kardashian: she has unveiled her very own emoji app.


We asked people to choose just one emoji to represent the presidential candidates. This is what happened.

Snapchat could be plotting a major upgrade - that is if leaked images of the app's ChatV2 design hold any weight.

The new 'Kimoji' app filled with Kardashian-themed emojis is reportedly making around $1 million per minute.

Kimoji is about to take over your inbox, as soon as the app store is functioning again.

Kim Kardashian West is basically the gift that keeps on giving.

EmojiWorks wants to make your typing game tight with its brand new all-emoji everything keyboard.