Time flies when you’re watching good television.Ten years ago, Facebook was new and poppin’, flip phones and baggy clothes were a thing and sidekicks and skinny jeans are in — but one thing that doesn’t change with the times is our love for TV. Back in 2009, reality television was one of the most lucrative […]

We know. You’re probably so tired about hearing about end of decade stuff. But for most millennials, we weren’t fully into adulthood the last time a new decade rolled around. Which is why saying goodbye to the 2010’s is such a pivotal moment in our lives. Many of us grew up in the 2010’s — […]

Cancel culture didn’t officially become a thing until 2019. Sure, folks on Twitter were “cancelling” celebs left and right before, but nothing actually stuck. However, this year, we actually got to see the great power behind the public’s opinion. Some say cancel culture has gone too far, while others say it hasn’t gone far enough. […]

The 2010s have been a pretty interesting year in film. As we championed and celebrated racial and gender diversity in Hollywood, it still seems as though we have such a long way to regarding representation and equal pay for women and people of color. On the flip side, Millennials were able to see themselves and […]

The year of sex scandals, exploitations and disappointments is finally coming to an end. Although this year was seemingly rough for celebs and fans alike, there were too many WTF moments in entertainment than we could count.   Whether they were “OMG” delightfully shocking or “SMFH” unbelievable,  we narrowed the most facepalm worthy moment down […]

It’s not cheap being a sneakerhead nowadays. Well, it was never really cheap. But, prices for a decent pair of men’s sneakers are at an astronomical high. Just think: a major new release will run you fellas anywhere from $150 to $250. (Retros are usually a little more affordable — around the $90 to $120 mark.) […]