Yesterday, we were laughing at the fact that fans wanted to make R.Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix)” the United States’ National Anthem to celebrate the song’s 10-year anniversary.  VIDEO: Evanescence “My Heart Is Broken”  In more make-you-feel-old news: Evanescence’s smash debut album, Fallen, turned 10 years old on March 4.  To celebrate the occasion, Wind-Up Records, the company […]

Evanescence has built a career off of making some of the most original, cinematic, goth inspired videos out there. That trend continues with the latest clip for their newest single, “My Heart is Broken,” which is off of their self-titled third album. DETAILS: BEHIND THE SCENES: Evanescence “My Heart Is Broken” Back in December, Evanescence’s lead […]

Evanescence‘s lead vocalist Amy Lee took MTV News behind the scenes of the band’s video for “My Heart Is Broken.” “My Heart Is Broken” is the second single off their self-titled comeback album, and when MTV News caught up with Amy on the video set in Los Angeles, she explained this video would be quite different […]

Evanescence is back and Amy Lee sounds better than ever! After a two year hiatus, Evanescence has reunited and given their fans “What You Want.”  “What You Want” is their first single off their latest self-titled album Evanescence. It’s been five years since Evanescence dropped an album, and the fans can’t wait to get their […]

Ballads get love-struck music lovers through plenty of hard times. When the woes of love have hit the heart hard, ballads are what most of us seek to mend our broken spirits. Beyonce recently released her ballad “1+1” which adds to the plethora of ballads Beyonce has already stamped into the best ballads of all […]

The Academy Awards are the highlight of any self-respecting actor/actress’ career. Many actors give their all for a role that many perceive as their best, but sometimes the Academy doesn’t see what the fans and critics see. Actress Halle Berry won an Oscar for her role in the 2001 film “Monster’s Ball.” The plot is […]