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Evanescence has built a career off of making some of the most original, cinematic, goth inspired videos out there.

That trend continues with the latest clip for their newest single, “My Heart is Broken,” which is off of their self-titled third album.

DETAILS: BEHIND THE SCENES: Evanescence “My Heart Is Broken”

Back in December, Evanescence’s lead singer Amy Lee told MTV that the inspiration for the “My Heart is Broken” video comes from a cult British horror movie named “Paperhouse.”

In that movie, a neglected child creates dream worlds to get away from her troubled life, only to find out that she’s stuck in the dream.  

MUSIC: Evanescence Gives “What You Want”

“My Heart is Broken” is essentially the same thing.

In the video, we see our heroine, Amy, waking up from her bed and start to create all of these different scenarios and images — from a grassy field to stars in the space — using her glowing, mystical hands.

It’s a pretty cool video that has some nifty special effects.

We think it’s fire, what about you?