In the spirit of Black History Month, we bring you our random Black fact of the day. Tichina Arnold created a full theme song for Everybody Hates Chris alongside her friends. Watch the video inside.

Can you believe the child star turns 28 today? Head inside to see what he's been up to.

It’s always been a running joke that kids on television seem to grow up faster than kids in real life. Obviously it isn’t true. But the fact that we’ve watched some of these characters week after week for years makes us feel like we really know them. So when they go from a baby to […]

Drew, real name Tequan Richmond, is all grown up now.

Ricky Harris passed away at just 54 years old on Monday of a heart attack.

Check out some of the best Walking Dead guest stars to ever touch foot in the apocalyptic world who (probably) didn't make it out alive.