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Last weekend I got to exhale. As an animal rights activist this is no easy feat. We hold our breath a lot, praying and fighting for the best outcome but always prepared for the worst. Such is the life of an activist. However, some days we get a break. Some days, we even get to […]

Once we get past the issue of how the government shutdown was poorly handled by a minority of Republicans, we can see that perhaps Republicans have a valid point about a flawed law that is having a dubious beginning thus far.  Since the beginning of the health care reform debate starting after the historic inauguration […]

People focus on the lack of ethnic diversity within the Republican Party as a major problem impeding the GOP. However, the party’s lack of diversity overall may have proven to impact the nation starting with the government shutdown October 1. Over the past several years (some will say since 2012, others will say since 2008, […]

Whether it's rants, tweets, or interviews, he's become appointment viewing because he's played up his character...

Disclaimer: The following subject matter is centered on a specific term. It is sensitive in nature mainly because it contains generalizations regarding race, religion and culture amongst a diverse group of people that span from Spain to North and South America. It was written to give thought-provoking critical perspective (with poor attempts of levity of […]

Earlier this week Roc Nation recording artist J. Cole released the video for his new single “Crooked Smile.”  This powerful video is based on the 2010 murder of Aiyana Jones, a 7-year-old girl killed during a police raid in Detroit. In the video J. Cole plays a loving father preparing for his daughter’s birthday party while being watched […]

Let’s be real here. When news that the shotgun-wielding suspect who gunned down 12 people in Washington D.C.’s Navy Yard on Monday morning was a black man, was the astonishing sentiment not the same as when us natives found out the D.C. sniper was a black man? Was there not an immediate pause, a realization […]

Many are aware of the statistic that has been consistently repeated since the 2000 Census – the Latino community is growing and will in a few decades comprise over a third of the United States population.  But there are not too many efforts being made to find faces that adequately represent the Latino community.  In […]

It’s always fascinating when white people discover other white people who pass for black, especially when the discovery comes late in their existence. Robin Thicke’s journey to mainstream stardom has been similar to many ethnic musicians who have already been quite established in their genre. I can only imagine the bio redundant questions Robin has […]

“Cause Calvin Klein is no friend of mine, don’t want nobody’s name on my behind” -Run DMC “Rock Box” While some of my favorite songs right now are named after gay fashion icons, I hope rappers hit the brakes on their oral fixation.  I know high fashion and Hip Hop go together page and palm […]

In the 1980s, we watched silently as Saddam Hussein killed hundreds of thousands of his own people, the ethnic Kurds, including the gassing of over 5,000 of them in the small town Halabja. In 1994, we painfully watched as the Hutus killed close to a million Tutsis in Rwanda in just 100 days and we did nothing in response. […]

On the 50 year anniversary of the March on Washington, thoughts from GG's EIC...