According to several media reports, this week, a group of hockey fans in North Dakota raised eyebrows after they showed up at a game dressed like members of the Ku Klux Klan. The three fans, who were photographed in the stands at the state high school semi-final game between Grand Forks Red River High School […]

Blackface has always been something very controversial but it appears for some folks in Germany it’s not that big of a deal. Friday, German chancellor Angela Merkel sang along with carolers from all over Germany, including a ‘Three Kings’ performer who was depicted in blackface, shown in the photo above. This isn’t the first time the country […]

Black face with baggy pants. Indian headdresses with bows and arrows. Taking pictures with slanted eyes. We got through one Halloween with no outwardly racist costumes hitting the internet. But a sorority at Penn State University has come under fire recently for their depiction of a “fiesta” complete with sombreros, mustaches, and most offensive: signs […]

  Here’s another instance of the fashion world treating skin color like an accessory. Earlier this year, Dolce & Gabbana was slammed for walking a pair of “Mammy earrings” that romanticized slavery down their Spring runway.  PHOTOS: Hold Up! Did Dolce & Gabbana Walk Racist Earrings Down Their Runway?! Now another company called Illamasqua Australia is […]


Last week, Demoncratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Tim Kaine held a fall campaign kick-off before an audience of students at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia (watch his speech HERE.)   This choice of location illustrates that the Chairman and the Democratic Party believe in young people and their significance in the electoral process. This […]


Breaking– Today, Russell Simmons announced his support of David Yassky for New York City Comptroller.  His endorsement reminded me of something Barack Obama said in his Iowa victory speech… ‘I know you didn’t do this for me. You did this — you did this because you believed so deeply in the most American of ideas […]