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Last week, Demoncratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Tim Kaine held a fall campaign kick-off before an audience of students at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia (watch his speech HERE.)  

This choice of location illustrates that the Chairman and the Democratic Party believe in young people and their significance in the electoral process.

This week, Chairman Kaine launched a new look and website for the Democratic Party in front of a packed room of college students and activists at George Washington University in Washington, DC.

Young people overwhelmingly voted for President Obama in 2008, and through hard work, they will return to the polls this November to cast their ballots for Democrats who are working hard to advance the interest of all Americans.

Young people have not forgotten that George W. Bush was the President of failed economic and environmental policies that exploded the national debt and left millions of young Americans unemployed or underemployed and polluted our air and water for the benefit of no one but special interests.
Furthermore, young people have not forgotten that President Obama and Democrats in Congress have labored tirelessly for the past twenty months to pull this country out of a ditch, dug deep by eight years of failed Republican leadership. 

During his address in Philadelphia, Chairman Kaine told us that it’s time to tell the truth about how Republican policies will take our country backwards; and we’re fired up and ready to do just that.


On Wednesday night, the Democratic National Committee held a national youth conference call to roll out the DNC and Organizing for America’s Vote 2010 plan as it relates to young people.

The DNC and OFA’s plan to engage young voters is thorough and complete and will serve as a launching pad to Democratic victories in November.The youth plan reaches not just your typical college student, but goes to encompass all young people under 36 who share in the values of our President and our party.

The National Youth Plan focuses on several key areas. One is educating young voters on the numerous successes of President Obama and the Democratic Congress.


By highlighting the accomplishments of the past twenty months and contrasting those with the plans of the Republicans to turn back and undo these important advances, we can show young people what is at stake in November.

Looking at the achievements of the past twenty months, it becomes clear how much the Democratic Party fights for young people. With the passage of health care reform, we can stay on our parents’ insurance until we’re 26.

Student loan reform means that more young people can go to college without worrying about prohibitive costs that will follow them for the rest of their lives.

The  Democrats helped to pass the Credit Card Reform guaranteeing that credit card companies can no longer take advantage of young people and all Americans.

As part of the National Youth Plan, the DNC will lead targeted campaigns to educate young people on the stark contrasts between Democrats and Republicans; host campaign invasions in key states in addition to utilizing a host of traditional campaign tactics. The National