Psst…no one’s perfect…even Beyoncé. As much as she slays every performance, the Queen Bey has definitely had her onstage mishaps. The goal is to keep singing and stay fabulous as if nothing happened. Singer Alex Alvarado knows the deal. Watch how he recovers from a nasty slip below.   No sweat.  

Someone found a vintage clip of Mariah Carey struggling with her notes while singing with Busta Rhymes and it’s the best laugh we’ve had all day. Although uncle Bust sounds just as wretched as auntie Mariah, it’s funnier to watch the skinnty queen herself prove that age is something but a number — it’s a […]

Bow Wow got clowned for months because he decided to stunt for social media — but what about the non-celebs who get caught flexin’? It’s all fun and games until ish gets real: And when it comes to IG live — stay woke: Hit the flip for more times when flexin’ for the ‘gram was […]

Sometimes in life, if you don’t have everything you need in the moment, you gotta use what you have and make do. One Chinese restaurant must’ve ran out of desserts, because they decided to cut up some classic Debbie Cakes and display them as desserts. A sliced up Zebra Cake is hilarious in itself — […]

DJ Khaled told us a long time ago that all he does is win — but some may think otherwise after his latest performance. Last weekend, the famous producer took the stage at the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas and his set turned out to be a flub. According to Rolling Stone, Khaled was scheduled […]

Mariah Carey is in hot water with her record label. According to Roger Friedman of Showbiz 411, Epic Records is very unhappy with MC because her recent single “I Don’t” was a total failure. Friedman revealed that the was a total surprise to Epic since Mariah’s team sent it with no forewarning that it was coming. […]

Mariah Carey is speaking out again about her disastrous New Year’s Eve Performance, and this time, she’s allegedly sharing the whole truth and nothing but. The songstress took to Twitter to share a two-minute audio recording on Sunday morning in which she said that she was “foiled” and “humiliated” by the Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ […]

Kylie Jenner‘s lip kit has been a huge hit with fans since it’s release—but her company just received a grade that she can’t buy her way out of. According to reports, Kylie Cosmetics’ consumer satisfaction rating has dropped to an all-time low and received an F from the Better Business Bureau. The company has racked up 137 customer […]