Times change and so do people — but some folks go through an entire  metamorphosis that causes them to look like new people. Before his recent rise to fame, 21-year-old rapper 6ix9ine Tekashi was just a regular, degular kid from Brooklyn who loved hip hop.   Now, he’s a popular young rapper who found […]

Kerry Washington is hitting the big screen again in Cars 3. The family-friendly flick arrives in theaters this Friday and is sure to wow adults and kids. In an interview with Xilla Valentine, Kerry discussed privacy, Hollywood, politics and more. Plus, her character in Cars 3. “She teaches us a lot about this disposable society […]

The 18-year-old says she isn't afraid of the attention her father Michael tried desperately to shield her from -- Is she foolish or brave?

Paris Jackson recently got a taste of what her dad used to go through when it comes to paparazzi and having his personal space invaded.

I sat down with Jamie to talk about his new movie Sleepless and he talked about fame and the advice he gives young stars.

The untimely death of the iconic George Michael has brought to the surface a lot of cool and interesting facts about the legend that many didn’t know. In the wake of the tragic news of Michael’s passing over Christmas, a heartwarming note written to the star by another icon is making it’s rounds on social […]

We caught up with Trinidad Jame$ out in Hollywood, California, where he now resides, to discuss his unsuspecting "comeback," being written off in hip-hop, giving back to the community, and the weirdness of fame.