Many of us are questioning our local fast food restaurants after a video went viral, seemingly proving that they’ve  been getting over on us for years. According to the video, the contents of a large cup can fit in a medium and small cup. Is it possible that all fast food cups are created equal […]

A Maryland mother got a little extra “seasoning” on her order of fries when she and her children visited a local Sonic Restaurant on Wednesday. Carla McFarland says the food she ordered for her children was fine, but when she reached into her bag of food, she saw what appeared to be a baggy of marijuana in her […]

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and remember (or not) some of McDonald’s most interesting menu items. Today, McDonald’s executives released a video depicting how their world famous McNuggets are made. Rumors of “pink slime” and questionable meat mixtures have always plagued the billion-dollar fast food chain, but today, all those myths have been […]

It’s juicy, it’s barbecue, it excites the masses every time it comes back. It’s the McDonald’s McRib sandwich. Except now we bet you won’t be rushing to your nearest golden arches to grab the saucy treat after looking at this photograph. A Reddit user posted the photo above of the frozen McRib he received from […]

When you think of your favorite celebrities, you think of all the glam, but you don’t necessarily consider the odd jobs they worked while they were on their way to fame and fortune. Beyonce, for example, swept floors at Mama Knowles’ hair salon. Nicki Minaj openly admits to working plenty of dead end jobs before […]