Chloe and Halle Bailey recently made their own separate accounts on Instagram, and it has been a sight for fans to see. A separate account was all the eldest sister, Chloe, needed to live her grown and sexy social media dreams. Chloe celebrates one million followers in latest dance post.

Moments ago, Will Smith thanked his fans for 10 million Instagram follows in the most awesome way ever. In a video that he narrates at the speed of light, the legend details his IG journey from start to two months in and it ends up being a pretty cool story. If you aren’t following the […]

Just when we thought we had seen just about every angle of Kim Kardashian‘s famous cakes, she stuns us once again. The 33-year-old reality starlet recently reached 27 million followers on Instagram, which matches with Beyoncé, and gave a sexy surprise to her fans for the big milestone. Kim posted up a seductive selfie of […]

MMG frontrunner Wale is teasing us with the release of new track “The Followers.” The old school beat, courtesy of producers Marce Reazon and Pro Reese, combined with Wale’s thought-provoking lyrics, are just a sneak peek of what we can expect on Wale’s upcoming album, set to be released this fall. Wale raps, “Look what I accomplished while […]