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Weeks after a second video of former Baltimore Raven Ray Rice assaulting his wife in an Atlantic City hotel surfaced, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell appeared before a crowd of reporters for a press conference to address his poor handling of the situation, and detail his plans to change the way the league deals with similar incidents in the […]

Just a day before House Republicans begin their eighth investigation into the 2012 Benghazi attacks, former View host Elisabeth Hasselbeck attempted to compare the tragedy to domestic violence because…Fox News. That’s the only way we can make sense of Hasselbeck’s far-reaching and offensive comparison — the television personality is currently a host on the network’s Fox & Friends, […]

On Monday, following the release of a video showing now Ex-Baltimore Raven Ray Rice brutally striking his then-fiancée Janay Palmer, Fox News decided to speak on the issue. Hey, what can go wrong when Fox (the same network whose hosts recently called Michelle Obama fat and suggested Hillary Clinton would only win the 2016 vote with ‘Beyonce Voters’) […]

Leave it to Fox News to fat-shame the one person whose arms we’ve pined over for years. In short, your favorite news network had a few things to say about First Lady Michelle Obama and her crusade against childhood obesity. During a discussion about a school district that opted out of federal funding because students […]

In attempt to be both hip and ridiculously sexist, a Fox News host reacting to Hillary Clinton’s dissent to the Supreme Court ruling on Hobby Lobby said the suspected presidential candidate will need support from “Beyonce Voters,” or women who want the government to pay for their birth control. Jesse Watters continued, calling the voting […]

Ann Coulter’s contribution to #BringBackOurGirls was not welcome on Twitter this week. According to the Huffington Post, the outspoken FOX commentator gave her own opinion of the hashtag that helped raised awareness about Boko Haram’s capture of over 200 Nigerian girls last month. Unaware of its huge impact, Coulter mocked the campaign with a photo of herself […]

So this happened… Fox News host Heather Childers announced the winners of the NCAA Championship on Tuesday in her usual excitable manner, but when it came time to accredit the University of Connecticut Huskies, she made one big mistake. “Well, the UConn Huskies are the 2014 NAACP national champs,” Childers said. Freudian slip, perhaps? We’re […]

  On Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos weren’t the only teams sparring. In a pre-Super Bowl XLVIII interview, President Obama and Fox News staple Bill O’Reilly went at it first, intensely debating Benghazi, the IRS scandal and the bumpy roll-out of the health care marketplace. But it was Obama’s read of the […]

Cruise ships just got a little more shady. At least 600 people have fallen sick due to an outbreak on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. According to CNN, The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported the outbreak when it was discovered that many people were quarantined during the ship’s tour. Passengers complained of diarrhea […]

In 2013, Fox News was listed as the most distrusted name in news. And yes, that really happened. And no wonder. Between radically religious rants, not-so-subtle racist segments, bringing Ann Coulter in for conservative craziness and even making a baby cry, Fox never ceases to make our jaws drop. And yes…making a baby cry actually […]

  Someone call Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, quick! Turns out there is a black Santa Claus and he’s currently at the Macy’s flagship location in NYC. Problem is, he’s kind of a secret. And you have to ask a special elf to find him for you. Luckily Amy K. Nelson, a reporter from Animal, figured […]

Just so you know, America is still arguing about what color Santa Claus is, even though he’s a fictional character. And now Bill O’Reilly is defending Megyn Kelly’s controversial comments about Santa Claus being white. “Miss Kelly is correct. Santa was a white person,” O’Reilly said during “The O’Reilly Factor.” “Does it matter? No, it doesn’t […]