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The Newtown shooting in Connecticut has hit us pretty hard, so of course we are all sensitive to the topic. To honor the country’s sensitivity, the FOX and SyFy networks have made the decision to cancel the airing of new Family Guy, American Dad, and Haven episodes for this Sunday. DETAILS: Father Of Newtown, Connecticut Shooter […]

Cali rapper Game joins the long list of rappers who have publicly waged war against conservative media outlet Fox News.  NEW MUSIC: The Game, Kanye West, & Common “Jesus Piece”  Game has called for a boycott against the controversial media outlet after Fox News reporter and staunch conservative, Michelle Malkin, wrote an entire blog criticizing […]

Last night, The Simpsons had some fun cracking on Karl Rove, who infamously denied that President Obama won Ohio on election night during coverage on the Fox News cable channel. STORY: Surprise Surprise! Barack Obama Finally Takes Florida  Even after Fox News announced that Obama won over the highly contested swing state, Rove continued to […]

Police were involved in a hectic car chase with a robber in Los Angeles yesterday that ended in the suspect being shot dead live on television. The robber was being chased in his SUV after holding up a Saugus Bank of America in Los Angeles around 9:00 AM, which was being broadcasted live on KCAL-TV. […]


So after the dust settles, who was the real winner last night? Cable news. (Some would say Barack Obama, who was re-elected to a second term. But, let’s be honest here, being president sucks.) Reports are coming in today that, though down from 2008’s race, ratings were stellar, with CNN taking home the prize for […]

Brian Mulligan, a former Fox TV chairman and the Managing Director and Vice Chairman of Media for Deutsche Bank, who filed a $50 million lawsuit against the LAPD after a brutal beat-down that left him virtually unrecognizable, was caught on tape admitting to using the bath salts drug known as “White Lightening.”  STORY: Unrecognizable! Banking […]

This past week, an unidentified man was seen committing suicide on national television after having a car chase with Phoenix police officers. The man has finally been identified as Jodon F. Romero, a 33-year-old who had a long history with crimes as a wanted felon. VIDEO: Foul Play! Private Investigator Doesn’t Believe Chris Lighty Committed Suicide […]

Today on Fox News, Mitt Romney sat down with Neil Cavuto to address the comments he made during a private fundraiser with wealthy donors.   STORY: Mitt’s Math Is Wrong By Russell Simmons A secret video was recorded and released via Mother Jones, which shows the money man dismissing half of the nation as freeloaders […]

David Kappheim, a 60-year-old Florida man who was obsessed with Fox News and the Republican Party, wanted to kill his liberal-minded girlfriend for her opposing views. STORY: WTF! Man Stomped His Pregnant Girlfriend In Her Stomach Trying To Kill The Fetus  According to the Palm Beach Post: Kappheim’s 59-year-old girlfriend, whose name was withheld in […]

When I was in school I heard tales of a free press whose sole purpose was to keep society aware and informed. My teachers consistently inundated my classmates and I with tales of journalists remaining objective while serving the people, not the organization they work for.   As an information junkie, these words sounded as […]

Geraldo Rivera angered many when he made an extremely insensitive statement on Fox News’ Fox&Freinds regarding the case of Trayvon Martin. VIDEO: SHOCKING Statement By Geraldo Rivera Regarding Trayvon Martin Geraldo essentially blamed Trayvon Martin for wearing a hoodie telling his audience: “I am urging the parents of black and Latino youngsters particularly to not […]

Rupert Murdoch‘s son James Murdoch has resigned from his position as chairman of News International, amidst heat from a phone hacking scandal at News Corp. 39-year-old James resigned to focus on the company’s international TV business and will remain the deputy chief of News Corporation. In a statement following his resignation, James said: “With the successful […]