Wigs are everywhere—you can’t escape them. At this point, it seems like taking off your wig at the end of a long day is just as satisfying as taking off your bra. So when writer and creator of the Black Panther Challenge Frederick Joseph suggested “an area for women to rest their wig when they […]

Just when you thought folks were starting to be aware that the world doesn’t revolve around White people, stuff like this happens: Oh, but it didn’t end there. @FredTJoseph, take it away: Tuh! It gets worse. Hit the flip to see what happened.

Many folks are still living off the high of Black Panther, and it seems like the excitement won’t die down anytime soon. Teachers across the country are already hosting talks with their kids about the themes of the movie — whether it be afro-futurism, African history or media representation. One Chicago elementary school teacher, Tess […]

In the first week of January, news hit that someone started a GoFundMe page to help kids in Harlem see the Black Panther movie. The story went viral and since then, the fundraiser has raised over $42,000. All of the excess proceeds were set to go to The Boys and Girls Club of Harlem Now […]