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Wigs are everywhere—you can’t escape them. At this point, it seems like taking off your wig at the end of a long day is just as satisfying as taking off your bra. So when writer and creator of the Black Panther Challenge Frederick Joseph suggested “an area for women to rest their wig when they come over,” he was hailed “a true king.”

Now, in theory, this sounds like a really considerate idea. But in all actuality, you never know what’s going on up under that wig, sooo we don’t know…But it’s the thought that counts right? Hit the flip to see what the ladies think.

But before you turn the page, a quick history lesson: If you didn’t know, the Black Panther Challenge was Joseph’s way of helping kids see Black Panther in theaters. His official GoFundMe reads, “After raising over $40,000 on GoFundMe to take Harlem children to see Black Panther in theaters, New York resident Frederick Joseph launched the #BlackPantherChallenge. He called on others to start a GoFundMe in their community to take more kids to watch Black Panther in the theater. The GoFundMe community has answered the call. Thousands of people have donated to a GoFundMe, created a campaign in their community, or shared the #blackpantherchallenge online. To date, over 600 GoFundMes have raised over $900,000, helping thousands of kids see the movie this month. Donations have come in from all 50 states and 50 countries around the world.”

So, you see, Joseph is a complex man who is taking care of our kids and who now wants to influence the Black man to take better care of our women. Lol

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