Disney + featurette from 'Rise' shares how the creators journeyed to Greece to film where they story of the Antetokounmpos began.

Greek police said that Bakari Henderson, a recent Black University of Arizona graduate, was fatally beaten by as many as 15 men over an argument about a selfie.

A sudden tragedy stuck the Turkey Coast on Friday night. Over 30 refugees drowned early Saturday off the western coast of Turkey when a boat packed with refugees capsized. 75 were rescued after the boat carrying refugees to Greece sank. According to reports, the Turkish coast guard was continuing search-and-rescue efforts where the boat carrying at least 120 people sank off […]

UPDATE: 1:38 PM EST: According to the Associated Press, Italian authorities say the death toll in the Greek ferry fire has risen to eight. Story developing… ————- All 473 passengers have now been rescued from the blazing ferry fire that happened Sunday in the Adriatic Sea, leaving a total of five people dead. The Norman Atlantic […]