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Russell Simmons, like a lot of celebrities, doesn’t stick with one business venture, he branches out to do a little bit of everything. You’ll be able to see all the business Russell is apart of when his new show, ‘Running Russell Simmons,’ premieres on Oxygen, November 2 at 10/9c. One of Russell’s main charitable focuses […]


Lady Gaga has just revealed, via her twitter, that she’s just put the finishing touches on a duet with none other than Sir Elton John. The track, entitled ‘Hello, Hello,’ will appear on GaGa’s upcoming second album (or third if you count The Fame Monster) Born This Way. Gaga and John previously collaborated at this […]


We’ve been seeing some notable collaborations bouncing around in the music community. Lady Gaga revealed that she’s just put the finishing touches on a duet with  Sir Elton John appearing on GaGa’s upcoming album Born This Way and Jay-Z and Kanye West are turning their partnership into a full album. Not to mention On November […]

  With only a few days left before the parties and trick or treating of 2010 begins, I know that there are some of you who are still out there without a costume. So, if you haven’t made a decision about your costume for Halloween, The Thread’s Top Five Celeb Costumes is a great video to watch. The […]


Cee-Lo Green is back again with another single entitled ‘Bright Lights, Bigger City.’ We’ve all sung his hit song ‘Fuck You’ at some point, and this one is yet another anthem from the soul machine. ‘Bright Lights…’ will appear on his new album The Lady Killer (in stores on November 9th), and samples Michael Jackson‘s […]

With Halloween just around the corner it’s imperative that you dress up as someone who will scare the crap of out everyone. Luckily we got the perfect people who you should be afraid of, a list of people that scare the Bejesus out of us.  So how do you qualify to be a scary person? […]

If you haven’t seen Kanye in the news this week, you’re probably in a coma. In which case we hope you’ve hooked up to our feed ‘cos you’ll need to catch up on this. Through the waves of Yeezy’s Tweets and sound offs this week, you will have seen that he’s stated that new album […]

With only one week to go, there’s no doubt everyone’s gearing up for Halloween. Chances are, most have been thinking about what they’ll dress up as all year long. Some are doing the goulish, living dead thing. Some are doing the over-the-top, might-as-well-pose-for-Playboy sexy thing. Either way, most of you are ready. But some people […]


This is the  5PM MUSIC HAPPY HOUR, where we give you small tidbits on today’s music happenings so you can impress the opposite sex  during the physical happy hour. Here are some footnotes for Friday, October 22nd: x Ne-Yo’s ‘Libra Scale’ Track List 1. Champagne Life 2. Makin’ A Movie 3. Know Your Name 4. […]

Its that time we all look forward to! Time for the most amazing twitpics of the day! We just love getting an inside look on our favorite celebrities lives! Today we have Kim Kardashian lounging around with her hair up in a ponytail along with baby Mason. He’s just the cutest. Lady Gaga sends a […]

President Obama is slated to make a prime time television appearance in the upcoming weeks. No, not the State of the Union, but the hit Discovery show “Mythbusters,” where a team of explosion-prone pyrophiles test urban legends. The Obama episode will focus on the ‘Archimedes death ray.’ The “Archimedes death ray’ is the ancient Greek mathematician […]

Nothing is better than seeing celebrities do crazy things on live TV! It’s extremely humanizing and just entertaining to watch. In fact, sometimes the red carpet arrivals or interviews tend to be more entertaining than the actual show! In fact most of the news coverage on any award show centers mainly on the red carpet, […]