The worlds of fashion and art have forever been closely intertwined.  Brands from Louis Vuitton to Stussy have worked with a wide range of artists to help with their promotions or even assist with the designing of a capsule collection for the brand.  And although high fashion may not go the “artist collaboration” route as […]

  While the fashion masses are currently obsessing over low-price designer collaborations, the Feds are out there protecting us from label fraud.  STORY: Bootleg Bust! 20,000 Fake Christian Louboutin Shoes Confiscated The Feds in New Jersey intercepted a major shipment of counterfeit accessories including purses and other items that would have been valued at an estimated […]

Blake Lively may be keeping busy as a newlywed, however Mrs. Ryan Reynolds found a way to fit in Gucci’s Première fragrance ad campaign. Although the full campaign has not yet been released, we got a really cool behind the scenes look of how the whole thing went down. PHOTOS: Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada & […]

Blake Lively was spotted in Venice, Italy heading to an exclusive Gucci party and she looked absolutely stunning! The 25-year-old actress wore a dark sparkling magenta dress by none other than Gucci of course, which showed off her slim and trim figure. Blake paired her dress with a pair of thinly strapped matching heels. PHOTOS: XOXO: […]

Gucci released the ad campaign for their new fragrance, Gucci Premiere, starring Blake Lively last month and said a short film to go along would be released in September. STORY: Did Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Tie the Knot?! Yet it looks like they decided to debut the video earlier than scheduled! The film, which was […]

Just when you thought the Jacksons were the only famous family having “internal issues,” Gucci comes along and shows us that just about every family can be dysfunctional. Guccio Gucci and his brother Allesandro are being sued by Gucci Group for using the name “Guccio Gucci,” which also happens to be the name of Gucci’s founder […]

Gucci brought that old thing back! PHOTOS: Whoa Baby! Kourtney K & Her Baby Bump Stocks Up On Gucci For Her Girl  Instead of going in your grandmother’s closet to get that ’70s blast from the past, you can get a taste of it today.  The iconic Vintage Web Boston Bag was re-released this week on […]

From Gossip Girl, to the big screen, to fashion, Blake Lively is heating up Hollywood with her fresh face and timeless beauty. PHOTOS: RED CARPET RECAP: Blake Lively Is Chic & Sleek At “Savages” Premiere In NYC! The Savages star is the face of Gucci’s new female fragrance, Gucci Premiere, and her campaign ad is […]

What’s the best way to show admiration to the founder of a major fashion brand? You buy a horse and name it after him, of course! Gucci recently just brought a horse named Vluet and renamed him Guccio. The named stallion is currently residing in the stable of Edwina Alexander – the world’s top female […]

We’ve probably all seen the Guess items that look like Gucci.  We’re talking about the shoes that have the exact same silhouette in the same colors, but don’t actually have the same logo. Well, we know that Gucci has seen it too, because they recently hit Guess with a $221 million trademark infringement lawsuit so […]

Gucci & Fiat are really putting a lot of work into getting the word out there for their collaborative Fiat 500s by Gucci. Last week we showed you a short film by Director Chris Sweeny, along with Italian Vogue’s Franco Sozzani and Purple’s Olivier Zahm where the Fiat 500s were made out of hundreds of […]

Gucci has a long, rich history for making quality leather goods exclusively in Italy. If you’ve wanted to know exactly how your favorite Gucci bag was made, or what it took to get a bag through the production process, then we’ve got a treat for you. PHOTOS: A Look Inside Gucci’s “The Making Of” Book […]