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The work speaks for itself with actress Anna Kendrick – she has eight movies coming out in the near future, one of which is the highly anticipated Pitch Perfect 2.

Not only is her work ethic on point, Anna’s way too cold on the cover of Glamour‘s June 2015 issue – promising to keep readers mesmerized with those icy blue eyes of hers. Even more appealing is the fact that she really is one of us.

Inside, Anna dishes on living in the same kind of house as the rest of us, her Pitch Perfect 2 character, gender bias in Hollywood, being afraid to take a break from work, and more.

Here are a few interesting excerpts…

On being like the rest of us:

“I live in the same kind of house as everybody else. I drive the same kind of car. I eat the same kind of food. Although I am making a superior carrot soup lately!”

On her Pitch Perfect 2 character, Beca:

“I feel like you can’t get an audience to like your character if she’s actually cool, but you can if she’s trying to be cool and sometimes fails. My favorite Beca is Struggling, Awkward Beca because I think that’s who we all are. We want to be like Cool Beca, and we’re not.”

On turning 30 this year:

“I felt different at 29 because 29, to me, is 30. There are times when I still feel like an actual toddler in a grown-up—well, semi grown-up—body. But other times I can’t wait to actually be 30, just so I can say things like, ‘I’m 30. I don’t have time for that. F–k off!’”

On being afraid to take a break from work:

“As an actress you’re perpetually about to be unemployed. That fear—when you have two parents who worked 9-to-5 jobs and went through periods of being unemployed—is real. Those were not welcome times in my childhood. Working 14 hours a day isn’t sustainable, but I prefer it [to doing fewer films]. I might as well be doing the thing that I wanted to do my whole life.”

On the gender bias in Hollywood:

“All the films nominated [for a Best Picture Oscar] this year had male leads. Like, every single one. So I’m glad that [equality’s] feeling like a bigger issue now…. There’s [a film I’m considering] now where I have to wait for all the male roles to be cast before I can even become a part of the conversation. Part of me gets that. [But] part of me is like, ‘What the f–k? You have to cast for females based on who’s cast as males?’ To me, the only explanation is that there are so many f–king talented girls, and from a business standpoint it’s easier to find women to match the men. I totally stand by the belief that there are 10 unbelievably talented women for every role.”

On starting to make crass jokes in middle school:

“I didn’t feel I was extraordinary in terms of looks or academia. I was like, Well, I can take a joke and I can make one too. I’ve got that going for me! So I leaned into that. There was a sense of: I refuse to allow you to make me feel uncomfortable. That carried over into adulthood. I’m not saying it’s healthy. It’s a defense mechanism, but it’s one that serves me well.”

Anna’s sheer honesty is refreshing. Pick up your copy of Glamour on May 12th.

SOURCE: Glamour | PHOTO CREDIT: Glamour/Steven Pan

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