The star of HBO Max's Euphoria Season 2 debut is Angus Cloud. The premiere explored his character, Fezco's backstory and started with a New Year's bang. Check out a gallery of our new favorite star, Angus Cloud, from the series inside.

Our latest television obsession is HBO Max's The Sex Lives of College Girls. The comedy-drama series is filled with clever writing and terrific acting. One of our favorite actors is the beautiful and flourishing talent, Alyah Chanelle Scott, who portrays Whitney in the show. Meet Scott with a gallery of photos inside.

HBO Max revealed new shows and movies coming to the streamer next month.

Fans are just discovering HBO Max comedy series South Side. The series debuted its second season in November of this year, and finally it's getting a little love. Super fans of the show question how more people aren't watching. See fan reactions from the hilarious show inside.

HBO's Chillin Island debuts today on the streaming platform. The new unscripted series follows a group of rappers as they journey into the deserts and swamps of nature. Watch the trailer inside.

The Sex and the City (SATC) revival debuted on HBO Max Thursday. And Just Like That dived straight into Kim Cattrall’s absence as Samantha Jones. Read more about the drama inside.

Calling all Gryffindors, Slytherins, Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws! The adored Harry Potter trio will return to Hogwarts New Year’s Day on HBO Max. Watch a preview inside.

HBO Max just added these classic Black sitcoms to the platform. Find out which of your favorites are available to stream inside.

Don't cry. Insecure's last and final season is coming to HBO Max this fall. The official teaser trailer dropped today and it involves a bit of reflection. 

Adventure Time fans can look forward to a new half-hour series focused on the adventures of Fionna and Cake. The new fantastical, spin-off animated series is headed to HBO Max this fall.

Users have been complaining about many of the app's features, claiming that just trying to rewind, fast forward, or skip the intro will cause the app to crash

Issa Rae shares her new favorite show to Instagram today. Her first unscripted series, Sweet Life: Los Angeles debuts to HBO Max this month.