Twenty-two-year-old trailblazer Noor Tagouri has been paving the way for Muslim-Americans as a hijab-wearing journalist.

We're not quite finished rejoicing over the news that Mattel has finally introduced a diverse series of Barbies.


A Muslim woman who stood in silent protest at a Donald Trump campaign even Friday was escorted from the rally while Trump supporters chanted "get out" and "you have a bomb."

H&M is taking on the fashion norm in a major way. The retailer has launched a new campaign to promote eco-friendly fashion through recycling, and as positive as the message is, the model who stars in the campaign makes it all the more powerful. Mariah Idrissi is the first woman to wear a hijab in a […]

Naima Rharouity, a 47-year-old mother of two from Montreal, was strangled to death when an item of clothing got caught in an escalator. While in the Fabre Metro on Thursday, Rharouity was traveling down an escalator when she fell. It appeared that the hijab she wore became stuck in the escalator’s teeth, tightened around her […]