One Maryland mom's tactic to get her son to vote for a specific candidate was unique enough to make her video go viral.

Last year, Russell Simmons‘ company UniRush LLC experienced a service outage during a planned migration to a new transaction processor, preventing over 130,000 RushCard holders from accessing or depositing funds. The mogul, who described that experience as “one of the most devastating times in my adult life,” is finally speaking out about how he and his company got […]

Donald Trump running for president is a never-ending series of conflicts.

What in the h-e-double hockey sticks is wrong with Bill Clinton?

South by Southwest is making history this year, marking the first time a sitting president will speak at SXSW since it launched 30 years ago.


Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign has taken a few hits recently when it comes to diversity outreach, but the candidate has a supporter in CNN's Michaela Pereira, who came to her defense after a Donald Trump supporter claimed she was using her gender to get ahead in the polls.

T.I dug a deep hole for himself when he made some insensitive comments about Hilary Clinton's presidency on DJ Whoo Kid's radio show.

Former President Bill Clinton has been called one of the greatest presidents this country has seen. Not only was he the first POTUS to be born of the Baby Boomer generation, but he also made improving race relations a major theme of his presidency. Before Barack Obama wooed the world with his swag, Mr. Clinton was the King […]

Hillary Clinton is makin’ moves this presidential election, reaching out to her fellow Americans in the way we all seem to communicate with each other nowadays – that’s right, she joined Instagram. If you’re looking to gain Insta followers yourself, the obvious solution seems to be to run for prez. Clinton gained almost 10,000 new followers and over 1,000 likes […]

Hillary Clinton is on a mission to end Cuba’s current embargo. According to the Tampa Bay Times, the presidential hopeful spoke about Cuba’s current status in an interview with Fusion TV’s Jorge Ramos. “I think it has propped up the Castro’s because they can blame everything on the embargo,” she told host Jorge Ramos. “You […]

Ellen DeGeneres may have the most retweeted selfie of all time on her hands but Jimmy Kimmel won the selfie game by default with what we like to call his Presidential selfie. Yes, this is history in the making. The late night talk show host had former First Family, the Clintons, on his talk show yesterday and not […]