illest motherf*cker alive lyrics


Jay-Z and Kanye West featuring Kid Cudi “Illest Motherf*cker Alive” lyrics off their Watch The Throne album. [Kanye West] 1985 white Lamborghini Countach, 2 of em I need a slow motion video right now Cause I’m moving in slow motion, slow motion Feelin’ like Hype Williams shooting a nigga Shooting a nigga, hey hey hey I need […]


If you thought Charlie Sheen was finished with his amazing antics, well, you’re wrong! Charlie Sheen announced on Twitter that he hit the studio with Snoop Dogg and recorded a song.  Now if this isn’t the oddest musical collaboration in the history of musical collaborations, then GlobalGrind doesn’t know what is. Charlie Sheen posted the […]


We here at the Global Grind offices listen to a lot of music. So much that it’s sometimes hard to keep track and process it all. A lot of times we only get to listen to a song once. Certain songs, though, we can’t help but repeat over and over – they’re just that good. […]


  Of course interviews from Ghostface Killah are always entertaining, but guaranteed, you haven’t seen an interview from Tony Starks quite like this! In a lively round of conversation, Ghost spoke with DJ Whoo Kid and Mandog about several compelling topics, from a Wu-Tang reunion and being locked out of countries, to pimp slap rehab […]

DMX got super animated in an exclusive interview with DJ Whoo Kid this week, as Dark Man X gets raw about his failed studio session with R.Kelly, problems with the law, the real story behind the infamous Ja Rule beef, Pamela Anderson’s pancake butt, his experiences with the original Ruff Ryders, 50 Cent vs Onyx and much more! Why was R.Kelly whispering through the door?? Did Eve really deserve her spot on the Ruff […]