Jaden Smith

Looks like 2016 is already shaping up to be major for Jaden Smith.

Jaden Smith hit up Miami for Art Basel, and it looks like he had a busy weekend. The heir to the Fresh Prince throne was the special guest performer at the Galore x Complex magazine party on a private island in Biscayne Bay. Jaden rocked it, even though not all of the guests were super interested in […]

There are a few conspiracies circulating in regards to what caused KyGa to breakup.

Is there any hairstyle Kendall Jenner can't pull off?

Jaden Smith just keeps on astounding us. While we can’t exactly prove this, we’re pretty sure the prophetic kid convinced his girlfriend Sarah Snyder to wear a t-shirt with her mugshot on it to court. Jaden’s bae was arrested for third-degree larceny after allegedly stealing a $15,995 Hermes bag from a high-end boutique. https://instagram.com/p/8Rj5ovxMwG/ The 19-year-old […]

https://instagram.com/p/8GIM9auy8x/?taken-by=parisjackson Anyone notice kids are growing up too fast these days? It’s hard to wrap your head around the fact that these famous youngsters are now well on their way to being all grown up. Don’t get it twisted; we’re loving their new looks (for the most part) and this type of transformation among young people […]

Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole made two of the most politically charged rap albums of 2015 and 2014, and both let their natural hair flourish.

Will Smith sure does know the right things to say to keep his wife Jada happy. Will wished his leading lady happy birthday by doing

Jaden and his girlfriend Sarah Snyder were spotted front row at the Gypsy Sport presentation at Milk Studios getting into some bit of PDA.