The only way for retail giant H&M to properly celebrate the opening of a 57,000-square-foot store in Midtown Manhattan is by collaborating with one of today’s most notable artists, Jeff Koons. Not only will they decorate the entrance with one of his iconic works when the store opens in July, but the Swedish company has also teamed up to […]

North West has friends in high places. Not too long ago, Kim and Kanye’s bundle of joy was pictured with Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci, but he isn’t Nori’s only high-profile friend. Kim posted the above photo moments ago – it shows Nori rocking all-gray-everything while posing with Jeff Koons, a very well-known American artist, at the […]

Lady Gaga is set to collaborate with famed artist Jeff Koons (the artist behind the famous Michael Jackson and Bubbles porcelain sculpture from 1988). The world-renowned artist landed the opportunity to sculpt yet another pop star…and this time fans will be able to keep the design for themselves when Gaga releases the artwork which will be used for the […]

Let us take you on a trip around the world and back, let your fingers do the walking and our iGRIND do the talking. Check out Bjork, BMW, Zelda and more in today’s iGRIND! What: BMW Art Car Tour Made By: 15 World renowned artists including Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons (above) and Jenny Holzer. When: […]


Google Street View is a navigational tool used to help directionally challenged folks find their way around the world. But since its debut in 2007, the income and time challenged have also used it to virtually tour the world, giving the phrase ‘staycation’ a whole other meaning. Here’s something else Google Street View offers users: […]


Don’t trip out on the title, forget Pablo Escobar, Nicky Barnes and Frank Lucas, the drug game of the 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s are long gone and the new drug pusher is your local Physician. Today’s drug dealers no longer hang out in school yards and back allies, they’re in our hospitals and clinics.  […]


Bruno Mars, Singer and songwriter was arrested on suspicion of narcotics possession early Sunday morning at the Hard Rock, Las Vegas police confirmed. Mars was arrested at 2:40 a.m. Mars was confronted by Hard Rock security  in a bathroom and discovered him with narcotics. Mars has soared to popularity this year. Mars is known for singing […]


Turns out since 2002 people have been getting more and more high and the rate of illegal drug use rose last year to the highest level in nearly a decade, fueled by a sharp increase in marijuana use and a surge in ecstasy and methamphetamine abuse, the government reported Wednesday. Gil Kerlikowske, the director of […]


According to, law enforcements confirmed that after running the proper tests, the drugs found in T.I and Tiny’s car were indeed ecstasy pills.  T.I and Tiny were pulled over in a Maybach for an illegal U-turn on Sunset Blvd. in California and busted for felony drug possession. The couple was taken to jail on […]


Well as if this case can get even more interesting, the police who made the arrest of the rap/movie star claims that T.I and his R&B wife Tiny were in fact in possession of felony counts of Ectasy. If this is proven to be factual, this could mean a lot of trouble for T.I, who […]

Miley Cyrus is really turning into a bad girl for her new movie co-starring Demi Moore. ‘LOL:Laugh Out Loud’ will have Miley Cyrus playing the highly sexual, drugged out daughter of Demi Moore. The new movie is a remake of a french hit and Hollywood Life reports that Miley’s character not only loses her virginity […]

Could it be that Lindsay Lohan is pairing up with Donald Trump? According to the red head’s people have been reaching out to The Donald in attempts to get the troubled starlet on his hit show Celebrity Apprentice.