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Let us take you on a trip around the world and back, let your fingers do the walking and our iGRIND do the talking. Check out Bjork, BMW, Zelda and more in today’s iGRIND!

What: BMW Art Car Tour

Made By: 15 World renowned artists including Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons (above) and Jenny Holzer.

When: Now. Learn about dates and locations here.

GG Certified: The BMW Art Car tour has been announced by BMW! Since its inception in the late 1970s, the Art Car Project has developed a new face, often reflecting environmental issues (carbon emissions) in addition to serving as canvas to some of the world’s brightest stars. The last edition was made by American artist Jeff Koons, known for his bright colors and his exploration/explosion of American icons.

Check out the video after the break to see some of the cars and artists who have participated over the years.


BMW Art Car


What: Biophilia

Made by: Bjork

What It Does: It’s the first album to be released for the iPad. 

Available: Now

GG Certified: Bjork kicked off her latest project in Manchester last month, an ambitious project where the Icelandic singer plans to set up residencies and workshopS for kids in support of Biophilia, her new album. What’s interesting about this album, and let’s face it, all of Bjork’s albums are interesting, is that the album is also released via the iPad and features 10 songs with 10 interactive aps. 

The apps include audio, scores, lyrics, a game and an academic essay looking at scientific and musical themes in the tracks. Percussion for the album is “based on gravity” – a solar powered pendulum controlled by gravity that generates bass sounds as one of a handful of instruments developed. 

How crazy is that!?

Bjork spoke to Pitchfork recently and said this about her tour: “In each city that we visit for this tour, we are going to have classes for kids where they can try out the instruments and the iPad and write songs and take them home. And there’ll be teachers showing them the basics of musicology.” 

After the break, check out a teaser video for Crystalline, one of the album’s first singles.

Above: Bjork photographed by Inez & Vinoodh


A video of Omar Souleyman recording a remix of the first single release, “Crystalline.”


What: Classic video game shows up on a tee.

Made by: Trifarce or, we can’t tell. 

Available here.

GG Certified: We can’t tell who made this shirt, Trifarce or Supercombo. Whatever the case may be, the shirt has all the Zelda props in three triangle formations printed in gold and comes in green or black. If you’re not a fan of the classic game, this isn’t for you. 

Check out the shirt in full after the break!



Zelda t-shirt.

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