Jhene Aiko battles with a “Stranger” in her new visually stunning new video. “Stranger” is one of Jhene’s R&B ballads off her new mixtape Sailing Souls. Offering a dizzying spell of head spinning visuals of Jhene traveling through the amazing landscape this world bestows upon us, “Stranger” captures the essence of beauty in nature.  The […]


IRC stands for the Illusionary Rockaz Crew – a Dutch breakdance/hip-hop crew. The film was beautifully created by Seb. from Shueti using  the glitchy song ‘Signal the Captain’ by Of Porcelain as a backdrop. I tried doing research on both the IRC, Seb. and Shueti and only came up with some foreign language websites. So, […]


Diggy Simmons has been the newest rap teen sensation to come on the scene. He started his career with the song ‘She don’t want a man’  many people turned their heads on him & kept it moving. After all the hate Diggy Simmons dropped his mixtape ‘The First Flight’ & some heads started to turn. […]

The Oscar winning actor Denzel Washington is known for his impeccable skills while performing on the silver screen.  Some of his most notable films include  ‘Malcolm X,’ ‘Glory,’ ‘Philadelphia,’ ‘Crimson Tide,’ ‘The Great Debaters’ and his award winning role in ‘Training Day.’ Currently the actor is going back to his roots and hitting the stage. […]


I am a “youngin’”, so while I wasn’t around to experience and be apart of his BEST moments, I did become a HUGE fan of his! I mean HUGE. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge fan of Micheal Jackson and that I get very offended when people say anything bad about […]


First off…I’d like to say this is the very first official blog of its kind. The Great Scott McKenzie x Rasheed Young collab blog. Think about it…2 visionaries in the lab, writing lyrics on the same topic but expressing it in different ways. We mind as well be considered the modern day Redman and Method […]