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First off…I’d like to say this is the very first official blog of its kind. The Great Scott McKenzie x Rasheed Young collab blog. Think about it…2 visionaries in the lab, writing lyrics on the same topic but expressing it in different ways. We mind as well be considered the modern day Redman and Method Man (BlackOut 2 in stores now- plug, ahaha)

Today we decided to write about ‘Self Destruction’. I’m humbled by my counterpart so I’m going to let him rock first….

G.S- I feel people are already dead when they no longer try to live…. Self-Destruction can also mean eating yourself inside-out…. always doubting yourself…. Giving up…. Being insecure…etc.

Remember your reign is going to be as far as your eyes can see! Not no one else’s….. So do your best to live the life you deserve.

NEVER Self-Destruct… If anything fails or doesn’t go your way, Be Happy!! You can Re-Construct & Re-Define life & times. To one day be ‘Self-mind’. 

R.Y- Self Destruction…what is it exactly? To exercise your own fate with demise? Are we pushing the ‘Easy’ button so we don’t have to deal with some of life’s greatest challenges?? Or are our current actions leading us down a path to destruction.

No matter how you define it, there’s nothing good about it. Everyone’s inner self knows when its near and they even now the shortcuts that lead to it. Its not a matter of what or how, its a matter of why?

Self destruction is based on humility. Life doesn’t hand out win or losses, it hands out lessons you can choose to ignore. If you’re humble enough to learn from error, you’re likely to succeed the second time around. If you choose to ignore the lesson in front of you, you will get a second chance to make the same mistake.

Peace and prosperity! The requirement is inspirement!

Great Scott McKenzie & Rasheed Young

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