A man who called 911 to report a customer waving a gun in a store, resulting in a fatal police-involved shooting in 2014 in a Dayton, Ohio suburb, could now be charged with making a false alarm.


Loretta Lynch will investigate the death of John Crawford III, 22, who was shot last summer as he held an air rifle inside a Walmart in Ohio, according to WLWT TV. Lynch, who was confirmed as the U.S. Attorney earlier this month, met with Crawford’s family Tuesday during a visit to Cincinnati to discuss police reform, […]

In the fourth quarter of 2014, protesters took to the streets to stage demonstrations denouncing police violence, finding strength by invoking the names of those who perished by a law enforcement officer’s gun (or hands). At least two of those names, Tamir Rice and John Crawford III, belonged to black individuals who were shot dead for […]

The girlfriend of John Crawford III, the 22-year-old fatally shot by police in an Ohio Walmart for carrying a fake gun, is believed to be the woman killed in a Dayton, Ohio car crash on News Year’s Day, police say. Tasha Thomas, 26, and Frederick Bailey, 30, were ejected from the car, a gray Pontiac, at […]

A video showing police in Ohio aggressively questioning the 26-year-old girlfriend of a young black man they killed for holding a toy gun in early August has emerged, featuring officers reducing her to tears and threatening to throw her behind bars. Tasha Thomas was questioned for 94-minutes following the shooting of John Crawford III, the […]

Officials in Cleveland have confirmed that it took officers close to four minutes to administer first aid to 12-year-old Tamir Rice after a rookie cop shot the child for holding a fake gun. Following the announcement that first-aid was delayed, Dan Williams, a spokesman for Mayor Frank Jackson, said the officers’ actions are under investigation. He […]

Video of a Cleveland police officer fatally shooting a 12-year-old for holding a fake gun over the weekend reveal a disturbing and shocking detail. The officer, identified as rookie Timothy Lowman, 26, shot Tamir Rice immediately after jumping out of the patrol car, which was still moving when police pulled up to the child. The […]

A new project, directed and written by actor Nate Parker, is aiming to help Americans of all races understand the brutality of police violence in the most striking of ways. AmeriCAN is the story of a white police officer, his family, and his experience with excessive force, so often seen in the tragic deaths of black […]

There were tears, there were cheers, and all the feels on Thursday during New York Yankee Derek Jeter‘s final home game. From the NY Times: With one out in the bottom of the ninth, Jeter stroked the winning hit and ended his Yankee Stadium career the way he had ended so many games — with both […]

The Justice Department will review whether the two white officers who shot and killed John Crawford III in an Ohio Walmart violated his civil rights. On Wednesday, a special grand jury decided not to indict the officers, saying they were justified in their actions when they gunned down Crawford, 22, who was holding a fake gun […]

UPDATE: 3:40 PM EST Surveillance video from the Beavercreek Walmart showing the shooting of John Crawford III has been released to the public. Note: The images in the below video may be disturbing to some viewers. SOURCE: WOhio ———— A special grand jury has decided not to indict the officers in the police shooting that […]

In recent months, reports of unarmed victims shot and killed by law enforcement has dominated news. In fact, August saw at least five unarmed individuals that were killed by police, including Michael Brown, Ezell Ford, and Eric Garner. And while the number of individuals killed at the hands of officers in “justifiable police homicides” is somewhat unknown […]