On Monday night, The Fader Magazine kept their wonderful Vitamin Water #Uncapped summer series rolling with an intimate performance by the talented JoJo. The performance went down at the Alger House in New York City’s West Village. Backed by a four-piece band, JoJo went through a set that included great songs like “Leave (Get Out),” “Too Little Too Late,” […]

If you are a JoJo fan, the last couple of years haven’t been the easiest ones to endure. Since she first came onto the scene in 2004, the singer has only released two major label albums and two mixtapes (one being last year’s dope Agápē project.) The singer claims that her struggles have been due to label […]

It’s not every day a young lady gets a complimenting text from Andre 3000 but JoJo is one lucky lady! The singer recently professes her love for a guy like the Outkast man, on her single “Andre” and the video for the track has been creating some buzz. So much so it’s found it’s way […]

Why don’t you record a song and then shoot a video to let people know it’s real. Anyone who knows anything about JoJo knows that she has a crush on Outkast’s Andre 3000.  VIDEO: COOL ASS COVERS: JoJo & Leah LaBelle Cover John Legend’s “Ordinary People”  Her crush is so real, JoJo wrote and recorded […]

JoJo sure knows how to jam, especially in her living room.  NEW MUSIC: JoJo “Andre”  Singer JoJo performed a 50-minute concert live from her living room on Stageit, which is a live broadcast platform for fans to connect with artists. JoJo’s fans were only asked to donate money, which went to the charity of the […]

JoJo really loves a certain rapper! VIDEO: COOL ASS COVERS: JoJo Covers Andre 3000’s “Prototype!” This past weekend, the 22-year-old singer shot the video for “Andre” off her Agape mixtape. And if it isn’t obvious from the title, the song was inspired by Andre 3000. “Andre’s style is something that I love,” JoJo said. “I just […]

When it comes to those vocals, we all know that JoJo is the real thing, not a prototype. If you need any proof, check out this Cool Ass Cover from JoJo. MUSIC: JoJo “Andre”  The singer covers Andre 3000’s classic love ballad “Prototype.” It’s an appropriate song for JoJo to sing considering that the singer […]

Singer JoJo releases a new track off her forthcoming mixtape Agape.  NEW MUSIC: JoJo “Demonstrate”  Professing her love and admiration for rapper Andre 3000, JoJo dedicates an entire track titled “Andre,” to the Atlanta rapper on her second Agape offering.  “Some people think he’s stranger but he never tried to hide it/diamond in the rough, man it’s just […]

The last time we heard from singer JoJo she dropped her dope 40-produced banger “Demonstrate.”  NEW MUSIC: JoJo “Demonstrate”  The release of “Demonstrate” was back in July, but four months later, JoJo’s readying a brand new project titled Agape. The “Disaster” songstress has been cleaning out her closet, which included dumping her long-awaited album Jumping […]

The High Road singer JoJo hit up New York Fashion Week to “Demonstrate” how R&B is supposed to be done at Style360’s Front Row fashion show.  NEW MUSIC: JoJo “Demonstrate”  The 21-year-old singer is currently in the middle of a music transition and has enlisted the talents of Drake’s best friend/producer Noah “40” Shebib.  Earlier […]

The year 2006 was the last time we’ve seen JoJo on the scene. The star was only 16, and she was still upholding her bubblegum ways with the release of her hit sophomore album, The High Road.  WHAT?! JoJo Dumps Her Long-Awaited Album “Jumping Trains”  Now, after some setbacks, the singer is finally getting ready to drop her third […]

JoJo fans were definitely not expecting this news.  NEW MUSIC: JoJo “Demonstrate” The 21-year-old singer revealed the album she’s been working on for the past five years is officially in the can.  The “Disaster” songstress decided to scrap her long-awaited LP, Jumping Trains, which she recorded over 100 songs for in the past few years.  […]