If you happened to miss the big match, here’s a timeline of the whole saga…

Contrary to popular belief I was NEVER ‘cool’.  I always wanted to be though … to a fault.  I’m an Aquarius woman so friendship is important to me; more important than almost any other aspect of life … so go figure, I wanted everyone’s acceptance.  The problem with acceptance is you get caught up in […]

DJ Whoo Kid got up-close and personal with super sexy Spice Girl Mel B just before she took on her new role in the Las Vegas burlesque Peepshow. Watch as Mel B speaks on the secrets behind her amazing abs, how she lost her baby weight and the philosophy behind her Totally Fit DVD. She also schools Whoo Kid on a little international […]


Many have referred to the infamous “generational gap,” but this Memorial weekend I was able to experience it first-hand and to the fullest. My weekend began in Phoenix on Thursday.  As I arrived at the Phoenician Hotel for the NAACP 500 Summit, I wasn’t sure of what to expect or what to pack.  You see, […]