Another day, another crime committed by Florida Man — but this time, he may be the good guy in the story. Earlier this week, an unidentified man stole an unattended car from a West Palm Beach gas station and surveillance video captured him running from the stolen vehicle with a baby carrier in his hand. […]


With yellow fever currently ripping through Brazil’s poorest communities and affecting those with limited access to immunization sites, the Brazilian government is struggling to provide immediate medical care to its people. Not satisfied with the efforts, Thomas Vieira Gomes decided to take matters into his own hands. Only thing is Gomes is a wanted drug lord […]

A Japanese woman was reportedly kidnapped by five men, and then repeatedly raped by them in India. Fortunately, they’ve all been arrested and charged. According to The Guardian, one or two of the men approached the 23-year-old student, and told her they were tour guides in Kolkata. One of the men reportedly spoke fluent Japanese, […]

UPDATE: 2:00 PM EST A petition has been created to raise awareness about Nigeria’s missing girls. To sign it, click here. —– As reports of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight and the capsized South Korean ferry continue to be looped on popular cable networks, news of more than 200 Nigerian students being kidnapped from school is slow […]

Hallelujah! Bethany Arceneaux was recently saved by her family from the hands of her ex-boyfriend who kidnapped and continuously stabbed her, nearly to death. According to the NY Daily News, Arceneaux was photographed being taken to a car by her Uncle covered in blood and wounds after the Louisiana family rescued her, took justice into […]