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With yellow fever currently ripping through Brazil’s poorest communities and affecting those with limited access to immunization sites, the Brazilian government is struggling to provide immediate medical care to its people. Not satisfied with the efforts, Thomas Vieira Gomes decided to take matters into his own hands. Only thing is Gomes is a wanted drug lord and fugitive of Brazil.

Gomes, also known by his street name “2N”, allegedly kidnapped nurses and held them hostage  while they administered yellow fever vaccines to the people of his native Rio de Janeiro’s Salgueiro favelas. Gomes’ gang stole as many syringes and doses of vaccines as they could find at the vaccination site, then transported the nurses and equipment to the sick community. No one was reportedly hurt during the ordeal and the nurses were driven back once they were finished.

After the story went viral on social media “2N” has been internationally praised and dubbed as the “modern-day Robin Hood.”

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