With yellow fever currently ripping through Brazil’s poorest communities and affecting those with limited access to immunization sites, the Brazilian government is struggling to provide immediate medical care to its people. Not satisfied with the efforts, Thomas Vieira Gomes decided to take matters into his own hands. Only thing is Gomes is a wanted drug lord […]

Tracy Morgan is giving back in a big way— proving that what goes around sure does come back around.


Malachi Love-Robinson, the Delray Beach, Fla. teen who was arrested last week for impersonating a doctor, has more legal troubles to handle, including a case in which he allegedly used a bad check to pay for a car.

  Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital is in a state of shock after a man entered the hospital on Tuesday and fatally shot a doctor before turning the gun on himself. According to The Boston Globe, Dr. Michael J. Davidson was shot just after 11 a.m. when Stephen Pasceri entered the hospital armed with a gun. Pasceri, 55, […]

A Florida teenager (who is not Neil Patrick Harris, aka Doogie Howser) wearing a white lab coat fooled doctors into believing he was an actual physician at a Florida hospital for a month, authorities say. The boy, whose name was redacted from a police report, was busted by cops on Tuesday afternoon at St. Mary’s Medical […]

The doctor who operated on 83 women in Chhattisgarh, India in accordance with a government-run sterilization program has been arrested. Dr. R.K. Gupta faces charges of negligence and attempted culpable homicide in the deaths of a dozen women who underwent sterilization operations in India. Gupta claims the women died of drug intake post-procedure. By Thursday, […]

Amanda Bynes just got some news she’s not going to like one bit. The troubled star may have to stay in a mental facility for up to a year and it won’t be because of her parents. TMZ reports that Amanda is headed for another conservatorship, but this one is coming from her doctors, who are planning to keep […]

It’s been a little over a week since the tragic death of actress/comedienne Joan Rivers. Dr. Lawrence Cohen, the doctor who performed the throat procedure on Rivers, has reportedly been fired, according to sources from the Yorkville Endoscopy. However, the board isn’t blaming Cohen for the death of Joan Rivers. According to TMZ: Sources at Yorkville Endoscopy tell […]


Richard Lee Norris isn’t a big name in pop culture, but he sure is in the medical community. In the August issue of GQ magazine, Norris will break boundaries, opening up about life after face transplant surgery, and how drastically different it’s been for him since then. Norris, 39, underwent one of the most complex face transplants […]