Season two of HBO’s Insecure premiered last night and the Internet couldn’t get enough. The Insecure watch parties were in full effect as Black Twitter gathered with friends to watch the juicy drama unfold. Of course, the Internet memes and gifs were out of this world hilarious. The Lawrence-hive was exceptionally proud of their boy […]

They say the best trait that a person could have is a good sense of humor. Mix that with beauty, add some smarts, and throw in an Academy Award, and you end up with Jennifer Lawrence. People fell in love with JLaw when she made her big debut in Winter’s Bone and then became star […]

Who knew it was possible to fall even more in love with Jennifer Lawrence? The movie star continues to show her down-to-earth attitude and warm heart to the world. Last night, as she walked the red carpet at the London premiere for her latest film The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, JLaw noticed a fan sobbing […]