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They say the best trait that a person could have is a good sense of humor.

Mix that with beauty, add some smarts, and throw in an Academy Award, and you end up with Jennifer Lawrence.

People fell in love with JLaw when she made her big debut in Winter’s Bone and then became star of the blockbuster hit Hunger Games, but it wasn’t her acting skills that kept people falling. Jenn has been known to speak her mind on any issue that bothers her, all while adding a splash of humor to it. She has found a way to be personable, sexy, and hilarious at the same time.

She can be seen on the red carpet doing everything from making funny faces to flipping the bird at the Oscars, but what can we say? The girl’s got spunk!

Check out these pics of our favorite Jennifer Lawrence silly moments below.


26 Pictures Of Jennifer Lawrence Acting Silly On The Red Carpet (PHOTOS)
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