Just when you think they’ve thought of everything, the sex toy world is here to prove you wrong. The British company Lovehoney is pleased to present to you the “self-erecting bionic penis” Uprize! That’s right…the dildo product has a floppy mode and with the touch of a button, it can grow into a fully erect […]

If you thought sex toys weren’t interesting enough, one company is here to please your sensual side and hungry appetite. The adult entertainment company CamSoda presents the “RubGrub.” It’s an interactive vibrator that allows you to order food once you’re done satisfying your sexual needs. According to HuffPost, the device includes an Internet-connected button on […]

In addition to recording every stroke, the wearable sex toy allegedly provides pleasure to both parties.

Everything about Coco screams beauty — and of course a bubbly personality. The star of Ice Loves Coco stopped by the No Judgement Zone with Blogxilla and held nothing back. She dished on everything from her new sex toy line to her new peep show. She revealed: “I haven’t spoken of it, ready for the news? Since peep […]

Being on tour for months at a time gets pretty lonely, but Miley Cyrus gets by with a little help from her uh…’friends.’ #tourlife 👊👇👍 pic.twitter.com/A9xeAc2ORO — Miley Ray Cyrus (@MileyCyrus) March 4, 2014 The 21-year-old singer showed fans how she handles the loneliness that accompanies “#tourlife” and no, it’s not with male groupies. Cyrus […]

They say the best trait that a person could have is a good sense of humor. Mix that with beauty, add some smarts, and throw in an Academy Award, and you end up with Jennifer Lawrence. People fell in love with JLaw when she made her big debut in Winter’s Bone and then became star […]