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Being on tour for months at a time gets pretty lonely, but Miley Cyrus gets by with a little help from her uh…’friends.’

The 21-year-old singer showed fans how she handles the loneliness that accompanies “#tourlife” and no, it’s not with male groupies. Cyrus showed off her new toy, a hand-shaped sex toy called the Hand of Adonis, posing with it positioned over her crotch.

She later shared a photo of herself posing with the toy in her sleeve, making it appear to be her own hand.

This isn’t the first controversial thing Miley’s done this week.

The “Wrecking Ball” singer recently found herself caught in the midst of a bit of a feud after a kiss with Katy Perry took a nasty turn. Miley locked lips with the newly-single pop star just days ago. Following the smooch, Katy appeared on the Australian talk showΒ Sunrise,Β where she discussed the lip-lock, and joked that she pulled away because, “God knows where that tongue has been. We don’t know, that tongue is infamous.”

Miley shot back with a comment about Katy’s ex, John Mayer, on Twitter. Katy shut the whole thing down with a simple joke.

Could the hand be the new foam finger? Guess we’ll find out.