After a cold internal response from the streamer's CEO Ted Sarandos, a new statement from the streamer has been issued regarding a planned employee protest.

Bad Bunny is making 'Playboy' history; head inside for photos, highlights, and more.

He is trying to use his platform to raise awareness about violence against the LGBT community.

A #JusticeForEyricka campaign has been gaining traction across social media when news hit that a transgender woman, Eyricka Thompson (King), was facing alarming mistreatment in prison. Eyricka was being held at Franklin Correctional Facility in New York when a male inmate reportedly propositioned her for sex. When she denied his advances, he spit on her, […]

2016 was the year of discrimination, and it’s continuing to the bitter end. An eight-year-old named Jo Maldonado from Secaucus, New Jersey, who identifies as transgender, has reportedly been kicked out of the Cub Scouts. The child was assigned female at birth but has identified as male for more than a year. Kristie Maldonado, the […]

Breaking: Raffi Freedman-Gurspan the first out transgender White House official: Via @MicNews — Chris Riotta (@chrisriotta) August 18, 2015 The Obama administration on…