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Jay-Z is now making dollars and scents. The mogul has partnered with Parlux Fragrances to launch perfumes named for himself and an unnamed female singer, as well as mentees Kanye West and Rihanna. Kanye and Rihanna’s fragrances are due in stores in 2010, while Jay-Z and the “well-established female artist” will hit stores in 2011, […]


Wow-sers! Last night, “South Park” exposed rapper KANYE WEST to its hilarious wrath, ending an episode about ego and humility with a robo-voiced cartoon Kanye diving into the sea, singing about his gay fishhood. Yeah. Kanye is an avid blogger, so it’s no surprise he responded to the gay fish portrayal today on his site.

On the heels (no pun intended) of the highly anticipated release of the Nike x Kanye West collaboration “Air Yeezy” I’ve been finding interesting information about the design process and the meticulous detail and thought that went into the creation of the shoe.

Today’s Throwback video is dedicated to everything BIG and tight! From big donkey rope chains to the tight ass nuthuggin’ 501 blue jeans with the knot in the front and that BIG ass garage door opener fixed on the hip! LOL! Fat laces, kangols, jheri kurls and acid wash jeans – ya gotta love it!

GURU is an energy drink founded in 1999 in Canada. There is a major push to influence the U.S. market. So they broker a multi-million dollar deal with Kanye West?

The entire episode was epic, but this right here nearly killed me. Kanye West singing “I’m a Gay Fish”…with autotunes.


In a month of violence gruesome even by our own standards, 57 people have lost their lives in eight mass shootings. The killing grounds include a nursing home, a center for new immigrants, a child’s bedroom. Before that it was a church, a college, a daycare center.

Jay-Z has partnered with Parlux Fragrances to launch perfumes from him, a mystery female singer, Kanye West and Rihanna. In 2010 Kanye West and Rihanna perfumes will debut and in 2011 Jay-Z’s and the “mystery singer” perfumes will launch. Jay-Z had this to say “We are excited for the opportunity to partner with Parlux and their management […]

Kanye West has recently responded today to how South Park “Murdered Him”

I knew Kanye would not let South Park put him and his ego on BLAST and not have something to say…

Why is Joe Budden humming Kanye?