Hip Hop Collabs That Redefined The Genre Who doesn’t love a good crossover?  Even hip-hop heads like to hear a fresh sound from their favorite artist, and what better way to appeal to a larger demographic than to team up with other musicians who don’t share your audience? Over the years, it’s become more common […]

Here’s something you learn working on the Internet: everyday is a holiday. And today is International Caps Lock day. Which is a day towards WRITING LIKE THIS. (AND IN THE SPIRT OF THE HOLIDAY, WE’RE JUST GOING TO FINISH WRITING THE POST IN ALL CAPS.) SO WHY DOES ALL CAPS NEED A HOLIDAY? (AN INTERNATIONAL ONE, AT […]

With news of Danity Kane’s final breakup, we decided to reminisce about the past and Diddy’s failed attempts at making a band. From 2002 to 2006, Diddy worked tirelessly to put together not one or two, but three bands. Because of his hip-hop superstar status, Diddy’s first attempt at “making the band” consisted of forming […]