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With news of Danity Kane’s final breakup, we decided to reminisce about the past and Diddy’s failed attempts at making a band. From 2002 to 2006, Diddy worked tirelessly to put together not one or two, but three bands.

Because of his hip-hop superstar status, Diddy’s first attempt at “making the band” consisted of forming a hip-hop super group. Through many fights and rap battles, Diddy found his star-studded six, which consisted of five emcees and a singer.

In 2002, Ness, Choppa, Babs, Fred, Dylan, and Sara became Da Band and released one album, Too Hot For TV, which debuted at number two on Billboard. The group eventually disbanded, and Diddy went on to find a girl group.

In 2005, Diddy went on a quest to find a girl group on Making The Band 3. Unfortunately, Diddy didn’t find enough eligible women to create the girl group he had envisioned. Instead, he selected Aubrey O’Day and Aundrea Fimbres to return for the second season of MTB3. Ultimately, Diddy chose Aubrey, Aundrea, D.Woods, Dawn Richard, and Shannon Bex and formed the group Danity Kane.

With the success of Danity Kane, Diddy decided to try his luck one more time. This time by creating a male R&B group. Day 26, which consisted of Brian, Willie, Big Mike, Que, and Rob formed Day 26 in 2007. They went on to drop two number one albums in 2008 and 2009.

Like Danity Kane, Day 26 broke up, but recently reunited in 2013.

Check out the most memorable moments from Diddy’s Making The Bands below.

1. The Infamous Ness vs. Fred Fight 

Yes, Fred did choke Ness out.

But thankfully, Diddy intervened.

2. Babs vs. Ness 

Tensions were beginning to rise within the band, but it was when Fred didn’t wake up Babs for an important phone call…when all hell broke loose.

3. Babs vs. Sara’s Husband 

Often referred to as Ike Turner by the members of the band, Sara’s husband was the source of a few problems within the group. Things came to a head when Sara’s husband asked Babs not to smoke around Sara during their studio sessions. The war of words was pretty brutal, but Sara’s husband realized he was causing tension within the group and eventually backed off.

4. Mysterious Blacks Out In Anger 

During the audition process for Making The Band 2 in 2002, female emcee Mysterious was a heavy contender. After rumors of her wanting to be a solo artist and issues of finding a place for her within the group, Diddy decided to send her home, and well, watch up top.

5. Aubrey O’Day shows Diddy she can “dance for a white girl.”

6. Da Band Freestyle Battles 

In an attempt to narrow down contestants for Da Band, Diddy put his favorite emcees against each other. During this time, Diddy also wrote a letter to a New York State judge to release Dylan from jail.

7. Dylan declares he’s the hottest artist in the game. 

Unfortunately, we don’t have the original footage of Dylan’s declaration, but the hilarious rant inspired comedian Dave Chappelle to do a whole skit about the “five greatest rappers in the game.” Who are “Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, and Dylan.” Watch it below.

8. Aubrey vs. Diddy 

Aubrey gets upset that Diddy calls her out for her selfish tendencies. The argument started when Danity Kane’s makeup artists and stylists reported back to Diddy about Aubrey’s diva behavior.

9. Aubrey & Diddy Have A Face Off In The Studio 

After complaining about Diddy’s vision for the group, Diddy confronted Aubrey about her issues. Somehow, someway, Aubrey’s argument prompted Diddy to apologize.

10. Que vs. Day 26 

During the Making The Band 4 season, Que’s standoffish behavior began irritating his group members, Willie, specifically. The two argued, but squashed their issues. Days later, things exploded when Brian began calling Que out and the two R&B crooners fought in the studio.

11. Laurie Ann Gibson vs. Brian of Day 26 

While practicing their choreography, Brian interrupts Laurie Ann by asking her a question that had nothing to do with the task at hand. The explosive argument ended with Laurie Ann leaving the rehearsal in a rage.

12. The New Guys vs. The Old Guys – Sing-Off Edition 

During the audition process of Making The Band 4, Diddy felt like some of the candidates for his R&B group were slacking off. So to shake things up, Diddy brought in 10 new guys to challenge the comfortable old guys, and basically it turned into the most epic R&B sing-off ever.

13. Diddy makes Da Band walk to Brooklyn to get him a slice of Junior’s Cheesecake. 

Unfortunately, we don’t have the footage of Diddy’s crazy demand, but this is undoubtedly the most memorable moment in Making The Band history. When Diddy demanded a slice of Junior’s Cheesecake, members of Da Band thought they would go down to 45th and Broadway and get the rap mogul a slice of the famous bakery’s cheesecake, but that’s not what Diddy had in mind. Diddy wanted a slice of cheesecake from the original Junior’s Cheesecake location in BK. So off they went. Diddy made all six members of the group walk downtown and across the Brooklyn Bridge while rapping the lyrics to Notorious B.I.G’s “Juicy.” Epic moment in reality TV history.


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