Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the accidently racist 2013 Racial Draft.  In complete fun and jest, we here at GlobalGrind decided to hold the second racial draft ever. As many of you know, comedian Dave Chappelle completed the first annual racial draft back in 2004, and almost ten years later, we’re back for […]

I guess this song means we’re all accidently racist. Right?  Hell no.  We don’t really know what the hell is going on with this collaboration, but LL Cool J linked up with country star Brad Paisley on socially conscious song “Accidently Racist.”  This seemingly odd couple link up to close America’s racial divide over Brad Paisley’s […]

Chris Brown has been in a lot of hot water recently. While he’s been busy getting back with Rihanna, he’s managed to make his way into every headline – not just for getting back with his on-again-off-again ex, but for his outlandish behavior. The “outlandish behavior” includes allegedly getting into a fistfight with fellow Grammy […]

Jonathan Kirby, the 56-year-old alleged burglar who caught a beatdown from LL Cool J last week, appeared in court today to plead not guilty to the attempted robbery case. STORY: LL Cool J Intruder Faces Life In Prison!  As reported by TMZ: The transient in question — a man named Jonathan Kirby — is still sporting two […]

Jonathan A. Kirby, the alleged burglar who got beat up by LL Cool J after invading the rapper’s home, has officially been charged with first-degree burglary charges and could spend the rest of his life in prison if convicted. STORY: Mama Said Knock You Out! LL Cool J Stops Robber In His Home   As reported by TMZ: […]

Why would anyone want to rob the home of LL Cool J; have you seen the pecs on that guy? STORY: Mama Said Knock You Out! LL Cool J Stops Robber In His Home If you haven’t heard, in the early morning hours of Wednesday, an intruder entered LL’s L.A. home in an attempt to rob […]

UPDATE: 3:00pm EST More info has come in about LL Cool J’s home intrusion bust. It was revealed that LL broke the man’s nose and jaw.  Law enforcement sources tell us … the suspect is currently hospitalized and being treated for his injuries. Officials believe the man may suffer from mental issues.  SOURCE: TMZ —– […]

LL Cool J and The Beastie Boys came up together. So when he heard the news that Adam Yauch has passed away, it was no surpise to find out that the “Doin’ It” rapper from Queens wants the world to preserve Adam’s legacy. DETAILS: Chuck Remembers Adam Yauch aka MCA Of The Beastie Boys LL […]

Nicki Minaj busted it wide open, but not to the islands of Waikiki, she busted it open for LL Cool J! NEW VIDEO: Nicki Minaj “Stupid Hoe” Nicki Minaj and LL Cool J let loose on their latest Grammy promo video. LL Cool J beatboxes, as Miss Minaj bounces her big booty all around the […]

Taylor Swift and LL Cool J are going H.A.M. on these Grammy promo videos.  VIDEO: Taylor Swift & LL Cool J Throw Shots At Each Other During Grammy Promo Earlier this week, Taylor and LL were throwing shots at each other, and now the two superstars are going round-for-round beatboxing.  LL kicks off a pretty […]


Ladies Love Cool James and blonde Nicki Minaj team up in the newest Grammy promo video. Minaj, who carries three solid Grammy nominations this year, shares her admiration for the hip-hop heavyweight after LL lets her know just how much he loves her. VIDEOS: Taylor Swift & LL Cool J Throw Shots At Each Other […]