Memorial Day

Summer unofficially starts on Memorial Day Weekend. And while everyone is gearing up to hit up their local beaches, there will be thousands of brave souls who pack up their whole life to spend four days in Miami to experience Freaknik revamped – Urban Beach Week.  Now, if you’ve never been to Miami during Memorial […]

Happy Memorial Day.  If you weren’t aware, Memorial Day was originally named Decoration Day as a way to honor Union soldiers who died in the Civil War. But as time passed, the observance was later expanded to include the troops who have died in all wars. STORY: Wild Card Weekend – Memorial Day Edition Many […]

You made it to the Weekend! Hooray! We’re sure you are particularly excited for this weekend because it is Memorial Day Weekend and you have an entire extra day to relax.  In today’s installment of Dollars & Sense we are focusing on remembering those that fought and died for our country in war.  It’s the […]

Well it’s Memorial Day Weekend, and although it was made to remember those that we lost in war, for many it means the beginning of the summer.  For those of you who have been keeping their white pants tucked away all winter, it’s officially time to break them out! PHOTOS: Best Swimsuits For Memorial Day […]

Ain’t nuthin’ like being broke over a three day weekend! If you only have $200 in your pocket, guess what? You broke. You need at least $250 to have a good time, if you roll like we do. That said, the gateway to the summer is here: Memorial Day Weekend. What to do, what to […]

The Academy Awards are the highlight of any self-respecting actor/actress’ career. Many actors give their all for a role that many perceive as their best, but sometimes the Academy doesn’t see what the fans and critics see. Actress Halle Berry won an Oscar for her role in the 2001 film “Monster’s Ball.” The plot is […]

King Of Paper Chasin’ opens in theaters today and a day I often envisioned is finally here. The number one question is how do I feel? Seemingly an easy enough question, but for some reason I’m finding it difficult to answer. The truth is I am experiencing a roller coaster of emotions. There are times […]


Dwight Clark Found: The missing Western Washington University student body was found in a log pond on the Bellingham, Washington waterfront, but officials have not yet said whether it is the body of missing Western Washington University student Dwight Carter. Police say the body was found before noon Wednesday by a worker in a small boat in […]


We’ve been keeping you up to date with this weeks Leader of The New School, fashion designer Marc Clark. Marc Clark has created quite a buzz for himself in the industry, receiving recognition from celebrities such as Rihanna, Will.I.Am as well as Teyana Taylor. [pagebreak] Here is part 3 of our Leaders of The New […]


On Tuesday, we debuted Leaders of the New School with up and coming Brooklyn, NY fashion desinger, Marc Clark. He has a hott line of edgy accessories, and definitely one to be on the lookout for in the near future! Marc’s designs feature unisex handmade hipster bow ties, wired glasses and now foxtails and hats […]


If you do a lot of walking and you want to do it in comfort and style, the latest Wallabee Boot by Stussy in collaboration with Clark and Timberland may be what you are looking for.  In honor of Stussy’s 30th anniversary, they release these Wallabees for the Fall 2010 season in their XXX anniversary […]


Leaders Of The New School is a 10 week series that will highlight up and coming talent in the fashion industry. Through this series, you the viewer will be given a behind the scenes look into life for 10 of New York City’s ‘IT’ kids, who even young into their career, have managed to create […]