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Cleveland, Ohio is seeking an outside agency to investigate the shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, according to the city’s former police chief. Officials are also hoping to secure an outside probe for investigations of all deadly use-of-force cases in the future. According to the Huffington Post: Michael McGrath, the city’s safety director and its former […]

This year is one for the history books. There were plenty of moments embedded in our hearts in 2014. Amidst the suffering, grief, and remorse during the tragedy in Ferguson, there was the big feminist movement we didn’t see coming, new idols like Lupita Nyong’o and Gina Rodriguez, and protests all around the world that united us after […]

In the wake of Michael Brown’s death, strained relations with police, and the killing of two NYPD officers in their squad car, Chipotle is apologizing after one of their employees used the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” gesture in response to nine NYPD officers who entered the Mexican food chain in Brooklyn. The incident occurred on Dec. […]

The long-awaited autopsy for a mentally ill black man killed in August by police in South Los Angeles was released Monday, revealing the man was shot three times, once in the back at close range. The autopsy also showed that 25-year-old Ezell Ford was shot once in the right side and once in the right […]

A group of Michael Brown supporters came together on Christmas to rebuild the teen’s memorial after a car drove into it in the middle of the night. Social media began to report the incident around 1:45 a.m., saying the car destroyed flowers, candles, and stuffed animals laid on Canfield Dr. in Ferguson, Mo., the same place […]

UPDATE: 8:15 AM EST: The Berkeley officer who fatally shot a black teenager Tuesday night is a 35-year-old, six-year-veteran, Police Chief Jon Belmar said during a Wednesday morning press conference. Belmar said the teenager, identified as Antonio Martin by family members, pulled a gun on the officer who in turn fired at least three shots, […]

An ex-Milwaukee police officer will not face charges for shooting an unarmed, mentally ill man 14 times in April, prosecutors announced Monday. The decision has already sparked protests in Milwaukee, increasing tensions in the wake of the grand jury decisions in both Eric Garner and Michael Brown Jr.’s cases. Dontre Hamilton, 33, was black — […]

UPDATE: 7:45 PM EST Police Commissioner William Bratton held a news conference Saturday evening to address the fatal shooting of two NYPD officers earlier in the day. Bratton, who called the shooting an “assassination,” confirmed the identity of the shooter as 28-year-old Ismayyil Brinsley. Brinsley died of a self-inflicted wound after he ran into a nearby train […]

The last quarter of 2014 sparked a movement — the possibility of changing state and police violence in the United States as we know it. Decades of frustration stemming from police brutality against minority communities came to a head in 2014 with the deaths of Michael Brown Jr., Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, and others — many […]

Apparently, wearing the presidential cloak doesn’t protect you from racial microaggressions. In a revealing interview with People Magazine, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama detailed their own experiences with race, proving that respectability politics and a tuxedo aren’t going to save you from being threatening or overlooked. “I think people forget that we’ve lived in […]

Ferguson, the Missouri suburb that will forever be stained with the blood of an unarmed black teenager who was gunned down by a white police officer on a blistering hot August day, was freezing. The crowds that lined the streets in late summer were gone. The stores — businesses divided on whether to trust a community […]