Mike Tyson

For the first time in years, Hall of Fame boxer Mike Tyson will be headlining an event at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Mike Tyson On Trayvon: “That Boy Didn’t Have A Chance In Hell Against This Guy” He won’t be fighting anyone, however. Instead he will be debuting Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth — Live on […]

If you know anything about Mike Tyson, you know that he doesn’t hold his tongue for anyone. During his 20-year career as a professional boxer, Tyson was known for supplying some of the most epic sound bites in sports. Robin Thicke Speaks On Trayvon Martin Now, years after he retired from boxing, he’s still not holding […]

You know things have gotten out of control when some of our favorite celebs start tweeting about Satan and use religion to justify their crazy ways. DETAILS: Rihanna Tweets About The Devil! From DMX yelling out on a track “In the name of Jesus! Devil I rebuke you for what I go through,” to Marilyn […]

Never one to disappoint, former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson once again teamed up with the Funny Or Die crew to create another classic spoof. STORY: Mike Tyson Lost Mad Weight And Says Food Is Why He Was Crazy! This time they decided to aim their comical jabs at Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain, played brilliantly by Tyson. In […]

What would happen if HBO’s Entourage had a baby with The Wire and declared 24/7 the godfather? A new show called Da Brick, that’s what! EXCLUSIVE: John Boyega Is The Future HBO announced that they’ve hired Spike Lee to direct the pilot for a new series, which will be loosely based on the early life of Mike Tyson.  […]

Mike Tyson was spotted coming out of Philippe Chow in West Hollywood, California looking rather slimmed down. As many of you know, Tyson has dropped a lot of weight after becoming a vegan. The former champion of the world cut out a lot of processed foods from his diet and is eating a lot better these […]

Had he not been murdered in Bolivia in the 1960s, doctor turned revolutionary icon Ernesto “Che” Guevara would have been 83 years old today. The Marxist fighter and anti-capitalist, who helped Fidel Castro overthrow Cuba’s dictator Fulgencio Batista in 1957, has surpassed that immortal enemy of man and usherer of fame, death, surviving on t-shirts, […]

As we do each and every day, GlobalGrind brings you the best hip-pop celebrity photos of everything that’s happened in the past 24 hours.  What do you do while you’re on house arrest? Have a BBQ of course! Lindsay Lohan isn’t letting house arrest get her down; she brought the party to her. She invited […]

Mike Tyson has made a name for himself in Hollywood with two successful cameos in “The Hangover” series. Now Iron Mike Tyson is ready to take on new movies roles, new ideas and he’s making phone apps. Mike Tyson’s Main Event is available on iTunes and his latest movie “The Hangover Part II” is in […]

As we do each and every day, GlobalGrind brings you the best hip-pop celebrity photos of everything that has happened in the past 24 hours. The red carpet went “monkey” for “the Hangover Part II” movie premiere, Mike Tyson throws a jab and the “Jersey Shore” cast parties all night. Click next to see more […]

<p>That’s what a young Shawn Corey Carter, a 17-year-old cocaine dealer, was thinking when he borrowed a gun and came after his drugged-out older brother, Eric, then 20, because he had been stealing Shawn’s jewelry and had just swiped a ring. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> But instead of making a threat, […]


What do you for someone who turns 90? Well if you are the Gucci brand you keep on doing what you’re doing. The legendary fashion house, which was founded in 1921 as a leather goods manufacturer and as  the House of Gucci by Guccio Gucci in Florence, Italy, is celebrating its 90th birthday this week. […]