MIlly rock

As the holiday season rapidly approaches, it’s pretty normal that people start to contemplate the year ahead of them, and the one they’re leaving behind.   For millennials especially, this time of year always sparks the nostalgia of getting ready to head back to school when you were younger or preparing your Halloween costume to […]

Just when you think these dance crazes couldn’t get anymore creative, the young influencers add some nostalgia to the mix and win you over once again. Leave it to kids like Kida The Great to blow you away with their precise, original and creative moves. Seriously though, who else do you know that can do […]

From the milly rock to the “shoot” hop, one Nigerian tweeter put her folks on the latest moves for the TL’s amusement.

The holiday season can be filled with free time, and for some parents, that means connecting with their kids over the latest dance craze. You’d think the children would get their parents in the groove, but for Internet personality Pop Vazquez, he was the one doing all the teaching. Watch how that went in the funny […]

While demoing African dances back in the day, the legendary poet and her dancers may have shared the seeds of today's most viral dance.

This young lady gets her point across without saying a word.

They teaching officers how to Milly Rock in the academy these days?

"Captain America: Civil War" is heading to theaters this week, and we'll get to see a few new characters make their debut into the Marvel Universe.

Brooklyn rapper 2 Milly‘s new song is heating up the city. Allow me to introduce you to the “#MillyRock,” a new dance that goes with a song of the same name and has everyone from Yandy to Maino and folks all over the country taking part. I sat down with 2 Milly to talk about mixing street life […]